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Clinical and small-scale commercial product manufacturing. The sterile group has three ISO Class 6 Clean Rooms with ISO 5 (Grade A) aseptic work areas, one of which is interfaced with a 48 square foot Hull Lyophilizer with clean in-place and steam in-place capability.

UI Pharmaceuticals' new facility has capabilities for scaled batch sizes. Click below to learn about our new fully-automated sterile manufacturing facility (CPB). 

Sterile Fill-Finish and Lyophilization

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Lyophilization | 

Terminal Sterilization | 

Specialty Filling

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UI Pharmaceuticals manufacturing and testing services ensure that products are produced and tested with strict batch record review, standard operating procedures, and cGMP controls. 

CPB Manufacturing

UI Pharmaceuticals has supported clinical projects for over 45 years. Commercial small scale manufacturing and testing for sterile products has been performed for the last 20 years

Sterile Product Manufacturing

Able to process controlled substances schedules I-V, most potent or cytotoxic materials, and we routinely work with large and small molecules.

Sterile Manufacturing