UI Pharmaceuticals has been preparing clinical supplies for blinded clinical trials using over-encapsulation and other approaches for almost 45 years. Let us help you successfully blind drug products for your clinical trial.

The UI Pharmaceuticals Non-Sterile Products Group has the capability to prepare comparator drugs for clinical trials via a variety of means, depending on the characteristics of the dosage forms.

Techniques that can be used include:

  • Placing products into empty capsule shells and overfilling with inert powders (over-encapsulation)
  • Milling commercially available products and filling the resultant powder into empty capsule shells
  • Removing ink logos from commercially available tablets or capsules
  • Film coating over existing brand marking
  • Production of look-a-like placebo dosage forms

Once your product, appropriate comparator drugs, and/or placebos have been rendered identical in appearance, UI Pharmaceuticals can sort them by weight to ensure the weight of every dosage unit is within the confirmed weight range. UI Pharmaceuticals can package finished products into bottles or bulk containers and apply labeling. Patient kits can be assembled and supplies can be shipped straight to clinical sites.

To learn more about our ability to prepare comparator drugs for clinical trials, or how we manufacture and package comparator drugs and other products, please Contact Us.

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