UI Pharmaceuticals Provides Sterile Fill/Finish and Lyophilization Services for Clinical supplies and Commercial Products

Although the bulk of UI Pharmaceuticals projects over the 45 years have supported clinical studies, small scale pharmaceutical manufacturing and testing for commercial products has been performed for most of the last 20 years.  A sterile solution product is currently being produced in our facility and being sold commercially in the US.

We are able to process controlled substances schedules I-V and most potent and cytotoxic materials.  We routinely work with both large and small molecules.

A major part of the UI Pharmaceuticals core business is clinical supply manufacturing and testing.  Since 1974, UI Pharmaceuticals quality clinical supply manufacturing and testing services have ensured that products are produced and tested under strict batch records, standard operating procedures, and cGMP controls. Manufacturing operations are fully audited after clinical supply manufacturing and testing by the Quality Assurance Group.


UI Pharmaceuticals is registered as a drug product manufacturer with FDA and has produced and tested a number of sterile products that have been sold commercially over the years.  We are currently working with additional customers producing and testing products currently being sold commercially in the US or working through the registration process.

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