Thursday, August 25, 2022

Alume Biosciences recently dosed ALM-488 a peptide-dye conjugate designed to highlight nerves with fluorescence in real time during surgery. Alume successfully completed Phase 1/2 studies of ALM-488 in patients undergoing Head and Neck Surgery in 2021. The Phase 3 studies are being conducted at multiple academic medical centers throughout the US, and they are projected to be completed in 2023. "The successful initiation of this Phase 3 pivotal study is another major milestone for Alume. It marks the final phase of clinical trial testing for ALM-488 for patients undergoing Head and Neck Surgery" said Brett Berman, MD, chief medical officer at Alume Biosciences. 

UI Pharmaceuticals is proud to have been able to support Alume Biosciences, Inc, by manufacturing clinical drug supplies of Alume’s investigational drug ALM-488. We stand ready to collaborate with all our clients trying to accelerate their novel treatments through human clinical trials and into the marketplace.

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