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University of Rochester and University of Iowa Collaboration

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke’s newly created Network for Excellence in Neuroscience Clinical Trials (NeuroNEXT) will consist of 27 academic medical centers. The network will focus on identifying potential new treatments to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, muscular dystrophy, stroke, multiple sclerosis, HIV dementia, and other neurological disorders and help guide them through the critical early stages of clinical study design and start-up.  The purpose of NeuroNEXT is to create the coordinated national infrastructure that will encourage collaboration between academic, industry, and foundation partners to identify and more rapidly evaluate experimental therapies in neurological disorders. The University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) will receive $2.9 million over the next seven years to serve as one of NeuroNEXT’s clinical sites and provide investigational drug/device supply chain management and central laboratory services to the entire network.  The University of Rochester’s Clinical Materials Service Unit (CMSU) will manage the logistical drug supply operations of NeuroNEXT with the University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals providing study drug manufacturing and analytical testing services. For more information on NeuroNEXT visit: