University of Iowa

UI Breaks Ground on New Pharmacy Building

UI officially broke ground on a new $96.3 million pharmacy building that will feature cutting-edge research laboratories, innovative technology, state-of-the-art sterile processing facility, and collaborative learning spaces.  The lower level of this new building will be home to the UIP new sterile products manufacturing area.  This new sterile manufacturing area will be approximately 16,000 square feet and include two complete automated isolator lines, each with its own lyophilizer.  This will increase UIP batch size capacity approximately 5-fold to 20,000 vials/batch.  UIP will continue to retain its ability to make small, IND enabling batches for clinical supplies with this facility.  We are looking forward to beginning qualification of the new facility starting in summer 2019 and starting to make product batches in the new facility beginning in the first quarter of 2020.