The University of Iowa

Well Maintained Processing Equipment is Critical to Preparing Quality Sterile Products

University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals has a wide range of sterile products processing equipment maintained, qualified, validated, and calibrated to meet strict cGMP standards and sized appropriately to support clinical trial material and small scale commercial manufacturing.

University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals (UIP) does not take sterile products lightly. For almost 45 years, UIP has been manufacturing sterile pharmaceutical products to ensure the highest quality for our products. Below is a complete list of the equipment that UIP uses within the designated aseptic work areas to produce sterile pharmaceutical products. If you have any questions about our sterile pharmaceutical products manufacturing capabilities, Contact Us.

man at a sterile product machine

Mueller Pyropure WFI Still
Mueller P7140 Pure Steam Generator
Hull 48 square foot HYPRO Lyophilizer
FTS LyoStar Development Lyophilizer
Steriline Vial Washer
Metromatic Vial Washer
Flexicon FPC50 Vial Filling/Stoppering/Crimping Machine
Flexicon FP50 Vial Filling/Stoppering Machine
Getinge 36" x 42" x 84" Autoclave

sterile product supply line

door machine for sterile products

Cozzoli Mini Monoblock Filling and Stoppering Machine
Flexicon Model PF5 and PF6 Peristaltic Filler
Virtishear Mixer
Beckman pH Meters
Mettler Balances
Masterflex Peristaltic Pumps
Millipore Opticap and Millipak Filters
Millipore Integritest II
Stainless Steel Trays for Vials

sterile product machine

Vials Being Filled With Sterile Liquid

West Capper PW-200-T
West Capper PW-500
MAS-100 Air Samplers
Atmos-Tech Laminar Flow Cabinets
Climet Particle Counters Model CI-7300
Climet Particle Counters Model VP-10
Johnson Controls Metasys System
Gruenberg dry heat oven
Cozzoli stopper washer
Getinge pass-through autoclave