UI Pharmaceuticals offers strong lyophilization cycle development expertise. We have specifically designed instrumentation that allows us to efficiently and quickly develop lyophilization cycles. Let us identify appropriate processing parameters for your product.

UI Pharmaceuticals scientists have extensive experience with lyophilization and lyophilization cycle development. Critical temperatures for lyophilization are typically determined using our Lyotherm 2 and Lyostat 2, along with our differential scanning calorimeter (DSC).

The Lyotherm 2 is an integrated differential thermal analyser (DTA) with electrical impedance (Zsinφ) capability in a single instrument. This allows measurement of glass transition (Tg'), eutectic (Teu) and melting (Tm) temperatures relevant to freeze-drying formulations.

The Lyostat 2 is a fully integrated freeze-drying microscope that enables critical events, such as collapse and melting, to be observed in situ, as well as characteristics such as skin or crust formation to be observed and identified.

The coupled Lyostat 2 and Lyotherm 2 units provide valuable information for both formulation and lyophilization cycle development processes. With UIP in-house expertise, this equipment allows quicker and more efficient development of lyophilization cycles.

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