University of Iowa


There was significant flooding in the Iowa City area as well as much of Iowa.  Fortunately, UIPs operations were not impacted.  The main facility is on a bluff high above the river bottom and was in no danger of flooding. The facility at the University of Iowa Research Park is on high ground far from the river.  Staff levels at the main facility were reduced to a minimum during the week of the worst flooding due to flood waters covering many of the local and arterial roadways in and around town, and much of the available parking space.  The reduced staff levels allowed staff to assist in sandbagging efforts.  As a precaution, all production and analytical activities scheduled for this particular week at the main facility were rescheduled in case a loss of power was to occur. Fortunately, power was maintained to the facility throughout the crisis.  Backup power generation capacity was on standby to keep all essential systems operating (such as stability chambers).