The University of Iowa

Well Maintained Testing Instrumentation is Critical to Generating Accurate and Reliable Data

University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals has a wide range of analytical testing instrumentation maintained and calibrated to meet strict cGMP standards.  

University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals has a wide range of analytical laboratory equipment which is used for testing active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical drug products. Below is a complete list of the equipment UI Pharmaceuticals analytical laboratory uses within their department. Should you have questions about the analytical laboratory equipment referenced in the equipment list below, please Contact Us.

Endosafe-Portable (2)

Mettler UMX2, MX5 (2), XS205, XPE205 and PM2000 balances with printers

Brinkman Lauda refrigerating circulator

Jouan MR18.22

Eppendorf 5415C

IEC CentraCL2

Distek 3104 bathless disintegration apparatus

Distek 6100 6 vessel dissolution apparatus

Distek 7100 8 vessel with 4300 autosampler dissolution apparatus (2)

Dissolved oxygen meter

Distek ezfill 4500

Flow Sciences balance enclosures

Vankel friabilator

ThermoNicolet Nexus 670 FTIR Spectrometer with ATR contact sampler, KBr pellet, liquid and mull sample capabilities with Omnic Software

Analytical Equipment

Agilent 6890 series GC FID with 7683B series injector with Empower version 2.0 software

Agilent 1100 series HPLC systems (8) all with multi-wavelength detectors, sample and column temperature control with Empower version 2.0 software

Agilent 1200 series HPLC systems (4) all with multi-wavelength detectors, sample and column temperature control; 2 with refractive index detector; 1 with Corona detector with Empower version 2.0 software

Waters HPLC Alliance systems (2) with Empower version 2.0 software

1 PDA and 1 dual wavelength UV and 2 Corona detectors

Waters Acquity H class UPLC systems (2) one with PDA and one with TUV and Corona VEO detector with Empower version 2.0 software

Heraeus Suntest® CPS accelerated exposure unit – light stability chamber with temperature control

Hunter ColorQuest® II color analyzer

Karl Fischer titrators- Mettler DL38 and DL39 Karl Fischer coulometric and potentiometric titrators with XP54 balance and LabX software

Metrohm KF 756 Karl Fischer coulometer

Fiske One Ten and Advanced Instruments osmometers

Analytical Equipment

Hot Pack vacuum, Ney 3-550 Vulcan muffle furnace, Fisher Isotemp 630F, 725F and 737F drying ovens

Radiometer pHM240 pH meter

Metrohm 785 DMP Titrino auto potentiometric titration system

Brinkman Titrino Work Cell 5.0 software

Rainin EDP pipettes

Rees Centron environmental monitoring system

Calibration Manager® software version 4.2 – equipment calibration and maintenance database

SLIM software version 3.1 – stability program database

Spectrophotometer: Agilent Cary 8454 diode array with ChemStation software;

Starna reference materials: SRM 2034 series 1, RM-06, RM-HL RM-KC, RM-SI, RM-SM, RM-TX

930e glass filters

Analytical Equipment

ESI Model ES2000 CDMD (2) - 40°C/75%RH and 30°C/65%RH HotPack (2) - 25°C/60%RH and variable temperature and humidity stability cabinets

Fisher Isotemp® plus -20°C freezer

Revco Ultima II -80°C freezer

Vulcan walk-in refrigerator

Schleuniger Model 8M tablet hardness/diameter tester

Monitek Model 21 turbidimeter

Brookfield RVT, RVDV-III rheometer (2), LVDV-II+, with thermosel, Helipath Stand and small sample adaptor viscometers

Barnstead Nanopure® water system

Stability Testing