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Properly Tested and Released Excipients and Active Ingredients are Critical to Quality Manufacturing Operations

University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals performs a wide range of drug substance and excipient release testing. Testing that cannot be performed in our laboratories can be contracted through one of our qualified subcontracting laboratories. Let us help you meet your testing needs.

The University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals (UIP) performs release testing on active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and excipients according to various standard compendia (USP/EP/JP/BP/etc.) or other provided methods. 

  • All materials supplied by UIP are tested to current USP standards (additional testing can be performed upon request).
  • Upon arrival materials are held in a secure quarantine area until release testing is completed.
  • Once the appropriate API and excipient release testing has been performed materials are moved into a controlled warehousing area until ready for use in production.
  • UIP works with several qualified subcontractors to perform specialized tests.
  • Even if our pharmaceutical manufacturing services are not needed, samples of active pharmaceutical ingredients can be provided to UIP for release testing.

Woman Testing Active Pharmaceutical ingredient

Excipient Release Testing

For more information about our API and excipient release testing services, please Contact Usor view our Full Equipment List