The University of Iowa

UI Pharmaceuticals Offers Analytical Method Development, Qualification, and Validation Services

For almost 45 years, UI Pharmaceuticals has provided pharmaceutical analytical method development, qualification, and validation services following cGMP requirements. Let us help you meet your analytical testing needs.

The University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals (UIP) Analytical Method Development and Validation Group has extensive experience developing and validating methods for use in the testing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and drug products.

  • A quality analytical method development and validation program is critical to successfully performing GMP analytical testing. Developed and validated analytical methods are used to analyze in-process, finished product, and stability samples, as well as swabs to verify the cleanliness of manufacturing equipment.
  • Typically, methods for in-process, uniformity of dosage units and dissolution sample analysis are developed and validated using UV, HPLC, UPLC, or GC procedures.
  • Methods used to perform chemical assay, identification, related substances/impurities, or chiral purity testing on API and finished drug product are typically developed and validated using HPLC, UPLC, or GC. 
  • Methods developed for stability sample analysis are validated to ensure they are stability indicating.
  • All analytical method development and validation is performed according to FDA-ICH guidelines, client-approved protocols, and standard operating procedures.

Analytical method Development

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